What is Yellow Out®?
Yellow Out® is a chemical breakthrough! Amazing cleanup results when used prior to an EPA-Registered chlorine that kills, green, yellow, pink and brown algae.
  • NO Brushing Needed!
  • NO Metals
  • Safe for Vinyl Pools
  • Safe for Pools with Salt Generators
  • Patent Protected

Just follow our 6-step process as directed on the back of each bottle or see our Directions for Use.

The reaction on this video may differ from the results you see in your pool. Applications will vary slightly. The results of algae clean-up, however, will be the same if you follow our directions. Remember, NEVER pre-mix Yellow Out® or Green to Clean® in a bucket or container. Always add our product directly into the pool and wait 5 minutes. Add chlorine to your pool and run the pump continuously for 24 hours.

Never premix Yellow Out® or Green to Clean® with chlorine or any other chemicals. Add either product to the pool, wait five minutes and add chlorine to the pool.

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